Partnerships that keep people healthier

We are a value-based provider partnering with health insurance companies, CINs, ACOs and health systems to close gaps in care and keep populations of high-risk patients well and out of the hospital.

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Delivering better outcomes for all

Working together, we make an impact where it matters.

Benefits for our partners:

  • Reduce avoidable hospitalizations
  • Lower readmission rates
  • Improve HEDIS, Stars, CAHPS metrics and prevent gaps in care
  • Fewer and unnecessary ED visits
  • Reduce costs
  • Revenue opportunities
  • Increase patient satisfaction

How we do it:

  • Chronic Care Management
  • Post-Acute Transitions of Care
  • Transitional Care Management
  • In-home Primary Care
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Health Coaching and Adherence
  • Social and Community-Based Services

How it works

GrayHawk’s success is supported by three essential pillars

Care & Patient Engagement

Our diverse team of nurse practitioners, health coaches and social workers provide care and build long-term relationships with patients. This results in better plan adherence and sustained long-term health.

Social Determinants of Health

GrayHawk puts social and environmental factors front and center, addressing SDOH as a clinical priority. Then we mobilize the resources patients need, so they can effectively manage their health at home.

Data & Analytics

GrayHawk analyzes data occurring within and beyond hospital walls to identify opportunities to refine pathways and deliver more efficient, holistic and effective care.

Our results

Philadelphia is the fastest growing population of dual eligibles in the United States.

GrayHawk helped its health system and SNF partners reduce all-cause, 30-day readmission rates by 75% among the Greater Philadelphia County’s most complex, dual-eligible patients.

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Closing the gaps

GrayHawk’s primary goal is to keep patients healthy and reduce avoidable ER and hospital visits. Our wrap-around care model enables us to proactively meet patient needs in their homes through in-person visits or telehealth. In addition, our steady care and support boosts confidence over time, so patients take more control of their health and lives.

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