Our Story

Finding a better way

We’re on a mission to make health more accessible for all.

Bringing health into the home

In 2014, GrayHawk Home Care was founded in Philadelphia to provide above-and-beyond, non-medical support services to seniors and people with disabilities. While we were helping people be more independent and confident in their homes, our impact had limitations.

We noticed that this population was burdened by the same three to four health conditions — caused or worsened by the social and environmental factors that were just beyond our reach. Our frustration fueled the creation of GrayHawk Health. By entering healthcare, we were able to leverage our deep understanding of community and compassion to create a truly unique care model. Today, we’re helping seniors have more control of their health, so they can live well.

Our values

We act upon our values to inspire stronger relationships that make our patients, partners and us better.







A team with deep healthcare industry experience and knowledge of the communities they serve.

Andrew Henderson II

Ankur Patel, M.D.

Barbara Looby

David Henderson

Joseph Maloney

Marc Watkins, M.D.

Maria McCall

Nathalie Daniel

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The GrayHawk team is driven by a passion for empowering people and communities through better health.

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