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Clearing a path to health

We all strive for good health. But sometimes things get in the way that cause setbacks, like trouble finding a specialist, eating nutritious meals or getting the right medication. We remove these obstacles by connecting you with medical care and community services you need to stay healthy.

Access to social services, a dedicated team, care at home

Relationships are important to us. Because learning what’s important to you helps us do a better job of keeping you well.

A whole team behind you

We use a team approach. This ensures we have all your needs covered. We closely work with you, your doctors and your family, so everyone’s on the same page.


nurse practitioner

health coach

social worker


Our Process

wellness check-up

A nurse or doctor from our team comes to your home to see you, does an exam and finds out which services you need (ex. wheelchair, meal delivery, transportation services, etc.). All this information informs a care plan, designed just for you.

personalized care plan

The nurse practitioner works with your doctors to create a care plan that has all the health and services you need to keep you well. The nurse also builds your care team that includes a health coach.

ongoing support

Your health coach is your day-to-day partner that provides education, encouragement and support to help you do what you need to do to stay healthy.

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My Health Coach is wonderful. She listens to me, she helps me eat healthy and she helps me move. I trust her. We’re going to fix this diabetes together.

– Ronald H.

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